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10 Questions You Should to Know about Beauty Makeup

Author: CC

Feb. 04, 2024

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We all have those burning questions we want answered when it comes to looking after our skin the best we can but with the plethora of information out there, thanks to today’s countless number of beauty bloggers, vloggers, editors and influencers alike, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed when it comes to the abundance of beauty advice. From what you should be using to how to best care for your skin concern, the BC experts have answered 10 of the most common skincare questions asked, and not only by our BC customers but the majority of people globally too!


Q 1. What products should everyone have in their skincare routine?

A. The basic steps of a skin-care routine are a gentle cleanser, an exfoliator, a moisturizer, and a sunscreen. But for optimum results it’s a great idea to build in a toner, serum, eye cream, face mask and face oil too!


Q 2. What order should I apply my products?

A. While skincare is very much a personal choice and depends on your skin type and concern, when it comes to the order of application there is a right way and a wrong way! Applying your skincare products in the proper order will ensure your skin receives the full benefits of each product.

Every product is formulated with a number of key ingredients to help our skin but only a very small amount of these ingredients can properly penetrate to the deeper layers of the dermis which is why the order we apply them is paramount! If you don’t apply them in the correct order, you will not see the best results from your skincare routine.

Here is the order in which you should apply your products to get the most out of them. And remember to really see a difference in your skin, you should follow this routine both morning and night.

  1. It goes without saying that your skincare routine has to start with a clean face. A gentle, natural cleanser that also takes off make-up is definitely your best choice. For more info on cleansing


  2. After cleansing it’s a good idea to use a toner or otherwise known as a lotion, but there is a lot of hype around whether a toner is really necessary. It’s a personal choice at the end of the day but today’s toners do everything from protect the skin, to controlling excess oil to adding additional moisturising benefits. In fact, they help prepare the skin so that when you put your moisturizer on, it works even more effectively.
  3. An imperative part of any skincare routine is to exfoliate. But an exfoliator should only be used once or twice a week depending on your skin type. Exfoliators are paramount when it comes to keeping your skin silky soft and smooth by buffing away and removing unwanted dead skin cells and debris. They keep pores clean and in turn prevent skin from becoming blocked leading to breakouts! To learn all about the benefits of exfoliating


  4. Next comes the serum. Serums may seem a little “extra,” but given how much it does for the skin—from evening skin tone, to brightening your complexion, reducing dark spots to softening the appearance of fine lines—there really isn’t a single reason why you wouldn’t want to incorporate one into your skin care routine. I’m personally obsessed with my serums. To learn more about why you need a serum in your skincare routine as well as the best anti-ageing serums for every skin type

    click here

  5. Moisturiser. Hydrating your skin is one of the best ways to fend off aging and keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. To really get the maximum effect of a moisturiser, try to find one that not only provides moisture but locks it in too! To read all about the top selling moisturisers on BC

    click here

  6. An eye cream. The area around the eye is extraordinarily delicate and ages very, very quickly, so treat it with care by incorporating a really good eye cream or gel into your skin care routine. You won’t be sorry you did!
  7. Sunscreen. We all know my stance on sunscreen! Protecting your skin from the sun with a good sunscreen should be as vital a part of your skin care regime as washing your face! In fact, it is THE no. 1 preventative skincare for ageing! And we all NEED to be using it daily come rain, hale or shine!


Q 3. Should I be using different products for morning and night?

A. Obviously, there is no need to apply sunscreen at night but using a face oil nightly before bed (and as the last product in your skincare routine) will do wonders for your skin! Click here for the 6 reasons why you should start using face oils!

It’s also a great idea to incorporate a face mask at night, once a week. If you want to know more about why you should use a face mask too, click here.



Q 4. Do I really need a separate eye cream or can I use my moisturiser?

A. You’ve been told to invest in an eye cream but you aren’t sure why you should fork out the extra dollars, after all do you really need to use a separate cream for your eyes? Will your moisturiser not suffice?

You could indeed use your moisturiser as an eye cream but it’s definitely not advised and we are here to explain why.

In short, eye treatments whether it be creams, gels or serums are specifically formulated to target and care for the delicate area around the eyes, the thinnest layer of skin on our entire bodies! In fact, the skin under our eyes is up to 1/10 thinner than other facial skin so it’s crucial to care delicately for this area to avoid any damage.

Like a moisturiser, an eye cream’s main objective is to deliver brightening and anti-ageing ingredients, however in a milder, gentler, safer dose.  Moisturisers tend to have a much richer consistency in comparison to their counterpart which if applied under the eyes can prove too much, resulting in irritation, allergic reactions and milia.

Eye treatments also tend to be targeted to specific eye concerns – crow’s feet, under eye bags, dark circles instead of the huge array of facials concerns a moisturiser is targeted too, so it actually saves time and money in the long run! Also some ingredients that often appear in eye treatments, not so much face moisturisers (for example Ginkgo Biloba, caffeine…) can offer quick and temporary fixes to problems specific to just the eye area.

The bottom line is that eye creams are essentially facial moisturisers that are modified for use on the more delicate skin around the eyes and let’s not forget this skin ages faster than the rest of your face so there is no time like the present to start looking after it correctly!


Q 5. How often should you exfoliate?

A. While there isn’t a hard and fast rule when it comes to exfoliating, generally if you have normal to oily skin exfoliating 2 to 3 times a week is good. However, if you have dry skin 1-2 times a week is advisable. Even those suffering with sensitive or acne prone skin need to exfoliate, you just need to steer clear of physical exfoliators which contain granules which can further irritate the skin, instead opt for enzyme exfoliators. To learn more about exfoliating and then best exfoliators for your skin type click here.


Q 6. How can you prevent your skin from ageing?

A. Unfortunately, aging skin is a natural part of getting older, but there are some things you can do to help stop your skin from ageing prematurely. First and foremost, apply sunscreen every single day whether it’s sunny, overcast or raining, to protect your skin against harmful sun damage. The sun’s powerful UV rays even have the ability to penetrate glass, so wearing it at all times is best! Sun damage can lead to the formation of wrinkles and dark spots. It is also recommended that you use gentle cleansers to avoid unnecessary dryness or irritation, which can cause the skin to become inflamed.

Ensuring you follow a comprehensive skincare routine is also paramount. Make sure you look out for products containing the top 5 skincare ingredients too!


Q 7. What age should you start using anti-ageing skincare products/products designed specifically for ageing?

A. This is one of the most common skincare questions. Many experts advise that you begin using anti-aging products in your 20s and continue to incorporate them as part of your daily skincare routine. This is because your skin stops producing collagen in your 20s. Resultantly, anti-aging products offer preventative measures against the visible signs of aging.


Q 8. How can you get rid of my acne?

A. If you are suffering from acne but nothing seems to be improving it, we are here to help. Firstly, though you need to understand which acne you are suffering from and then you can understand how to best treat it. For more information click here.


Q 9. Can you use retinol if you have sensitive skin?

A. In short, the answer to this is yes! And retinol is one of THE best skincare ingredients going, in fact it’s hailed by most of us skincare experts as the Holy Grail of the skincare world! But those with sensitive or easily irritated skin should approach retinol use with caution as it can cause skin irritation if used at the wrong time and incorrectly. For your guide to this superhero ingredient read more here.


Q 10. What is the best moisturiser for dry skin?

A. There is a multitude of moisturisers on the market targeted at dry skin. When deciding what might be best for you though, it’s important to look at the key ingredients in the cream. You want a deeply nourishing moisturiser for your dry skin so hydrating ingredients are a must. These include;

Shea Butter

Hyaluronic Acid

Vitamin E




Pevonia’s Dry Skin Cream is a dream for those parched complexions just turning for a moisturising boost. It is formulated with shea butter, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe and collagen and counteracts dryness while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles for a rejuvenated, hydrated appearance!

If you still have unanswered beauty questions, please search our blog for tips, tricks and expert knowledge when it comes to skin concerns, steps, products, ingredients and more. Also feel free to contact us at Beauty Collective.

Tags were so popular when I first started blogging, but not so much nowadays, however when the lovely Parie from Class & Glitter tagged me to do this, I knew I had to, because the questions are fun (and I'm nosy, so I enjoyed reading her answers, and Hannah's too). I'd love to hear your answers to any of these questions!

1. What is the oldest makeup product in your collection? 

I'm quite good at decluttering every 6 months or so and I divide my makeup among my sister in law's nieces and the daughter of a friend of my mother, who all appreciate the bags of goodies when they receive them. Therefore, I don't have many very old items, but I think it's probably the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, which I still love and should replace!



2. What is your most recent makeup purchase?

I recently repurchased YSL Faux Cils mascara, which is the ONLY mascara I used for years! It'll be featured in an upcoming post.


         3. What is the first makeup product you ever used? I don't remember, exactly, but apart                 from lip balm, which isn't makeup (and clear mascara - why?!), it was probably mascara. Or at          least, that was the first product I used regularly - prior to that, I'd raid my Mam's makeup bag             and also wore nail polish when I was younger.

4. What is a makeup trend that you used to love but now you



Contouring. I just go for gentle definition now, and still can't fathom the sale of contour palettes - you don't need a whole palette!


        5. What is a makeup trend that you used to hate but now you love? Lipstick - it's not a t                trend, but I hated the feeling of lipsticks for years and only owned glosses!

6. What is your favourite step in your makeup routine?

This is tricky - it's either applying foundation, or mascara. I love getting a fresh, even base, but also love how mascara opens my eyes up!

7. What is a makeup product you can’t live without?

If I have lash extensions, and my brows done, then it's concealer, but without lash extensions, it's mascara!


 8. What sparked your love for makeup?

I honestly can't remember a time that I wasn't obsessed by beauty and I loved looking through my mother's makeup bag, as far back as aged 3/4. I worked in Boots when I was in uni and spent all of my wages there!


9. What is the worst makeup look you’ve ever done?

Anything before I discovered the MAC 217 blending brush! Good Lord, looking back, I just think HOW? WHY? But that was before the days of blogs and youtube!


10. What is your favourite makeup look you’ve ever done?

Anytime I recreate my wedding day makeup look (which I had professionally done), but I loved it so much, and love to recreate it. Either that, or any holiday makeup look!


11. What is your favourite drugstore makeup product?

Tricky, because I'm a bit (lot) of a makeup snob, but probably any Catrice product - it really is a very under-rated brand.


12. What is your favourite splurge makeup product?

Foundation. I'm happy to spend money to get my base to look fresh & dewy, without being greasy.


 13. What is your most repurchased makeup product?

Probably mascara or eye liner, as they have to be replaced so often. I tend not to go over a few months as I have very sensitive eyes, that react easily. They swell so badly that when I was younger, my brothers used to call be Beast from Beauty & the Beast!


14. What is your earliest makeup memory?

Probably just playing with my Mam's makeup - I remember wearing a bright pink lipstick & blue eyeshadow, at around age 4, and thinking I was the bee's knees!


 15. What is your favourite place to shop for makeup?

I tend to shop mainly on Look Fantastic, as I can save 20% on most of my favourite brands, using my LYMIN code, or else on Cult Beauty, which has been a long-time favourite.


16. What is the most underrated makeup product you own?

I don't hear enough people rave about Pat McGrath Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Under Eye Blurring Powder . Nothing else compares to it - I never set my concealer, prior to discovering this!


17. What is the most overrated makeup product you own?

I don't think I have any, as I gave a lot away during my last declutter! I have a pretty curated collection right now (for me!).


18. What is a discontinued makeup product you wish would come back?

I wrote a whole post on this here and still stand by all of them!


19. Where do you go for makeup inspiration?

Some MUAs on Instagram, although I hate "Insta makeup" - I mean proper MUAs. Also, bloggers who I trust and know aren't selling out for a few quid.


20. What do you hope to see LESS OF in makeup’s future?

Instagram makeup that I literally could not be paid to leave the house, wearing! I don't get the whole trying to outdo each other, with eyeshadow up to the brow and the more is more look. Each to their own, but it's not for me!


21. What do you hope to see MORE OF in makeup’s future?

Less heavy makeup, as I think that young girls and women will need botox in their mid-twenties, if they keep piling the makeup on, which then requires a lot of work to remove! I'd love to see a move towards skin-like bases and natural, flattering eye looks.

10 Questions You Should to Know about Beauty Makeup

21 Questions: Makeup Edition




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