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How Do Surgical Stapler And Staples Work?

Author: CC

Nov. 23, 2023

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Surgical disposable staplers and staples are medical devices that can be used in place of sutures. They allow faster closure of large wounds or incisions and are less painful for the patient than sutures. They can also be used to close wounds in areas where the skin is close to the bone and for procedures that remove organs or reattach parts of internal organs.

They are useful in minimally invasive surgery because they require only a narrow opening to quickly cut and seal tissue and blood vessels. Skin sutures are used externally to close the skin under high tension, for example on the skull or body trunk.

What are surgical staples made of

Common materials used for staples in surgery include stainless steel and titanium. These are strong metals and tend to cause little or no problems for patients during surgical procedures.

However, plastic staples are often used for people who are allergic to metals or to reduce scar tissue. Staples made of plastic or metal do not dissolve like many sutures, so extra care must be taken to prevent infection.

Staples made from polypropylene and polyethyleneglycol are intended to be reabsorbed by the body. They are often used in cosmetic surgery because, like plastic staples, they reduce scarring.


How do surgical staples work

Surgical staplers work by compressing tissue, joining two pieces of tissue with interlocking B-shaped surgical staples, and, in some models, cutting away excess tissue to create a clean closure of the surgical wound.

There are several designs for different types of surgery, most of which are classified as linear or circular. Linear staplers are used to attach tissue or remove organs during minimally invasive surgery. Disposable circular staplers are commonly used for procedures involving the digestive tract from the throat to the colon.

disposable circular stapler

disposable linear stapler

When using a disposable linear stapler, the surgeon uses a handle on one end to close the "jaws" of the other end of the suture on the tissue.

The circular stapler fires two interlocking rows of staples from a circular cassette. This circular layout allows the anastomosis to connect two sections or another tubular structure after a portion of the intestine has been removed. The staples allow the tissue to be sandwiched between the staples to form a ring or doughnut. The built-in blade then cuts away the overlying tissue and seals the new connection.


The surgeon observes the closed wound for approximately 30 seconds to ensure that the tissue has been properly squeezed together and to confirm that there is no bleeding.

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How Do Surgical Stapler And Staples Work?




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