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Key features and benefits of Disposable Curved Cutter Stapler

Author: CC

Oct. 08, 2022

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Reduce the risk factor of leakage with the Curved Cutter. The Curved Cutter Stapler, with its unique curved head design for improved visibility and optimal use in the narrower male pelvis, combines binding and cutting in one device, providing four rows of staples with a single cut in between, eliminating the need for bowel clamps and scalpels. Curved cutter stapler with a unique curved head design for improved visibility and optimal use in the narrower male pelvis. Also the disposable curved cutter stapler is used for transection and anastomosis in rectal surgery. With this disposable curved cutter anastomosis and reloading, it is possible to cut across the surgical tissue.

Disposable Curved Cutter Stapler

Deep pelvic access identical to that of the curved cutter
Gentler tissue handling

40 mm cutting line in a 30 mm width space

Key features and benefits:

--- Two-section suture, convenient to adjust the tissue

---Two double staggerde rows of titanium staples to deduce hemorrhage.

---Cut and suture simultaneously, enable a reliable transection of the rectum

Because of the easy handing of the device

---Tissue position pin to prevent overflow if tissue

---Unique curved shape to have wide laparoscopic view of the lower rectum in the deep pelvis .

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pelvis stapling clinical challenges
Stapling deep within the pelvis presents a number of clinical challenges. It can be diff icult to achieve good staple formation, optimal device placement and overall eff iciency in the OR.
Optimized staple formation 
Overloading tissue into the jaws of the device does not allow for good staple formation, and this may result in leakage, lack of hemostasis or disruption of the staple line. It’s also important to control tissue movement, as tissue movement or slippage during firing can result in poorly formed and spaced staples.
Stapling access and placement
It’s challenging in colorectal procedures to gain deep access within the pelvis and correctly position the stapling device. If the device is unable to be placed perpendicular to the rectum, the result will be an increase in the number of firings required to complete the transection and a longer staple line.
Simultaneous stapling and cutting
Using two separate devices to cut and staple the intended tissue requires more time in the OR. 


 Code O.D (mm)StapleHeight (mm)

Feature detail

Reduced tissue trauma
Clamping Surface Technology (GST) reduces tissue trauma by compressing tissue only exactly where it is needed, compared to conventional anastomoses.

Trapezoidal Contour Curved Cutter Stapler
Reduces potential leak pathways

Reduced tissue slippage
Parallel closure of the curved cutter and tissue retention pins create less tissue slippage during firing

Packaging & Delivery

Selling Units: Single item

Single package size: 453.5*212*63mm

Single gross weight: 0.65 kg

Package Type: 1pc/box, 10boxes/carton

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