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Why Should You Use Metal Paint?

Author: Geym

Mar. 07, 2024

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We all want our structure, whether a house or business, to appear perfect and protected from the elements. A change in paint colour can significantly impact how you feel, whether you're going for serenity and peace (with cooler hues like blues and greens) or vitality and productivity (with warmer colours like yellows and oranges) or choose neutral ones.

However, not every paint is made the same, and some are better suited for different tasks. You need to use a product specifically designed for painting metal. Whether you are working on iron, steel, aluminium, brass and copper, the right metal paint will ensure a high-quality, long-lasting finish.

Painting metal is not just a matter of style, but it's important to choose the right paint and paint it the right way. It will add years to the life of the metal surface.

Tenaru is a quality provider of metal paints in Australia that are suitable for all types of metals. We carry a wide range of brands, such as Hammerite paint, a world-renowned product that offers excellent results. Hammerite paint keeps metal from rusting, which is one of the best things about it. 

Why Is Painting Metal Important?

Metal paint is one of the most resilient materials for various applications. It provides a layer of protection against rust. Rust is formed when iron or steel oxidises and comes into contact with water or moisture in the air. This causes the metal to rust and break down over time.

Painting metal creates a barrier between the metal surface and the oxygen and water that cause rust. This helps prevent rust from forming in the first place and slows down the process if rust has already started to develop. In addition to avoiding rust, painting metal can help prevent other types of corrosion, such as from salt water.

Advantages of Painting Metals

When building metal fencing or another metal-based addition to your home, you may wonder what you can do to increase the longevity of your new investment. Painting metals is a practice that is frequently overlooked, despite the numerous advantages. 


If you are thinking whether to paint metal around your property, consider the following benefits of painting metals:


  1. Protects from the elements

Nature can be brutal to your home. Rain, wind, sleet, snow, insects and fire are just a few of the natural elements that can harm your home, and the right paint can protect it from nearly all of them. 


Consider painting a protective, shield-like outer coating for your home's siding. It can keep moisture out of your home, saving you from excessive mould and mildew damage costs. It provides additional protection from direct precipitation damage. It can even keep insects away from your home's exterior.


  1. Provides great aesthetic

The image of your organisation is harmed by worn-out equipment, which signals unreliability. Keeping your plant and machinery in pristine condition is one of the easiest ways to communicate the right impression to potential clients. However, the benefits of repainting equipment extend beyond a simple facelift.


  1. Blends the metal in with your home décor

Depending on the colour scheme you choose, a new paint colour can make you feel differently — quiet and relaxed (blues and greens), active and productive (yellows and oranges) or even comfy and content (browns and greys) (neutral colours).


There are flaws and defects in every home. Walls typically exhibit dents, dings and scuffs due to normal wear and tear. Painting the interior elements of your home eliminates these flaws and revitalises and cleans the appearance of your home.


  1. Saves money in the long run

Low-cost paints are often thin and require numerous coats to cover a wall adequately. This wastes time and will cost you more money in the long run. Higher quality paints, such as Hammerite, can save money because they provide better coverage and last longer.


  1. Extends the life of the metal

Any substance that will be exposed to the elements 24/7 needs to be treated with care if its lifespan is to be prolonged. Painting a metal fixture can significantly extend its useful life. Painting metal fences or other metal items is an investment that will pay off for years, even if you live in an area with a wide range of seasonal climates.


Types of Metal Paint 

There are a wide variety of metal paints available to suit varying budgets and painting needs. 


  • Oil-Based

If you are painting outdoor structures, oil-based metal paints are a good choice. They provide excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Oil-based paints also adhere well to metal surfaces, making them ideal for areas that will experience a lot of wear and tear.


Oil-based paints, such as Hammerite, are easy to clean, meaning they are less likely to stain or be marked. These paints also provide a smooth surface and can cover any existing flaws.


  • Water-Based

Water or latex-based paints for metal are easy to clean, fast-drying, non-flammable and odourless. Water-based metal paints dissolve in water, making brushes and other instruments easier to clean. Hammerite Ultima is a long lasting direct to metal paint.


Wrapping Up

When purchasing metal paint, it is important to get a premium brand in Australia. If you want to know what kind of paint on the metal you wish to use, Tenaru is a perfect fit. We are the go-to option for construction industry experts like architects and painters, and we're also well-liked by DIY’ers who want high-quality results.


Are you thinking about which metal paint to purchase for your property? Check out our products here.

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When installing any type of metal fencing or another metal-based addition to your home, you might be wondering what you can do to extend the life of your new investment. Painting metals is something that people often neglect to do, but it offers countless benefits to the material. Keep reading as we discover six of the top advantages of painting metals, which can be applied to any metal fixture in your home or workplace.

The Importance of Painting Metals

We are all looking for ways to save time, money, and resources in our homes and businesses. Painting metals can be an excellent way to extend the lifespan of anything made from this material. When you’ve spent money on metal fencing or another metal installation, you want to make sure you get many years of use from it. Let’s take a look at a few of the advantages of painting metals that anyone can benefit from.

the Top 6 Benefits and Advantages of Painting Metals

1. Reduce Rusting

Metal is one of the most durable materials to use for a wide range of purposes. However, one of the biggest concerns with this type of material is that it will rust when it’s exposed to different weather elements over time. One of the biggest advantages of painting metals is that it will help to reduce rusting. As metal is prone to rust and oxidation, a coat of paint is a quick and easy way to reduce the likelihood of the material deteriorating in the future. Make sure you use a paint that’s formulated for metal as this will offer the maximum protection.

2. Control Weathering

Alongside rusting, you’ll find that metal is easily damaged due to the varying weather conditions — especially here in Florida. One of the biggest challenges when it comes to painting metal is ensuring that it will remain intact through rain, wind, or storms. Make sure you use weather-resistant paint, which will keep your fences or other metal installations in top condition when they are outdoors. You’ll enjoy years of use out of any metal object when you paint it, which is one of the biggest advantages of painting metals.

3. Create a More Welcoming Impression for Your Home or Workplace

Metal is a durable and high-quality material to add anywhere in your home or workplace. However, when the metal is left unpainted, it can often look quite intimidating. Especially if you are using metal for fencing, you’ll want to make sure you offer visitors to your home or business premises a welcoming first impression. Paint can be used to offer a professional finish to any metal object and will look much more attractive than leaving it unpainted.

4. Blend the Metal in With Your Home Décor

When it comes to painting metal, you’ll find that the options for your paint color are extensive. As long as you find a paint that’s suitable for use on metal, you’ll see that you have a range of colors to choose from to match your home décor. Painting your fencing white or black will be much more suitable for the entrance to your home than plain metal fences. Choose a color that suits the overall aesthetic you are aiming for with your property for the best results.

5. Extend the Life of the Metal

As with any material that’s going to spend all of its time outdoors, you’ll want to do all that you can to extend its life. A couple of coats of paint can make a huge difference to the lifespan of any metal installation. Even if you live in an area that experiences a range of weather conditions during the year, you’ll find that you get years of use from your metal fences or items when you invest in painting them.

6. Save Money in the Long Run

Thanks to the advantages of painting metals as far as extending the material’s life, you’ll find that you save money in the long run. You won’t have to replace your metal fencing or installation as often, as the paint will help to increase its lifespan significantly. On top of that, painting metal isn’t a difficult or expensive task. The time that it takes to paint the object will pay you back greatly in the long run, which is why this is a worthwhile investment for any homeowner or business owner.

As you can see, there are many advantages to painting metals. No matter what type of metal installation you have in your home, it’s well worth taking the time and effort to paint it. You’ll find that the lifespan of the metal is extended greatly, helping to save you money and resources in the long run.

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Why Should You Use Metal Paint?

The Top 6 Benefits and Advantages of Painting Metals




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