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Why Use A Pregnancy Support Band? What You Need To Know

Author: May

Jun. 14, 2024

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Tags: Health & Medical

What You Should Know

Throughout pregnancy and postpartum, your body undergoes significant changes, largely driven by the release of hormones preparing you for childbirth. Unfortunately, these changes can often lead to uncomfortable side effects. Back pain, pelvic pain, and hip pain are common concerns among expectant mothers.


The reassuring news is that there are steps you can take to ease your discomfort, including exploring the use of a pregnancy support band.


Belly Band vs. Pregnancy Support Band vs. Maternity Belt

With various options available, including belly bands, pregnancy support bands, and pelvic support belts, you might wonder: What sets them apart?


While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, typically, a belly band refers to a cosmetic accessory aimed at creating a slimmer appearance around the midsection (often postpartum) or helping pre-pregnancy clothing fit better. On the other hand, a pregnancy support band, pelvic support belt, or maternity belt denotes a medical device intended to alleviate back and abdominal pain associated with pregnancy and childbirth.


{Pregnancy Belly Support Band}


What is a Pregnancy Belly Support Band?


pregnancy support band is a flexible yet robust garment designed to provide support to the lower back and abdomen during and after pregnancy. It wraps around the lower back and cradles the belly, alleviating pressure on the back and pelvis.


Pregnancy support bands, also known as maternity belts, can assist in:

- Reducing back and pelvic discomfort associated with pregnancy or childbirth

- Supporting proper posture

- Offering gentle compression during exercise

- Aiding in the recovery of postpartum abdominal weakness (in conjunction with specific exercises)

- Strengthening the core


When Should I Start Wearing a Pregnancy Support Band?

Women considering the use of a pregnancy support band should always initiate the conversation with their doctor. This not only ensures health and safety but also because a doctor's prescription is required to obtain a pregnancy support band through insurance.


Pregnancy belts and bands can be worn at any time during or after pregnancy, although it’s usually women in the second and third trimesters who have the most trouble with back and pelvic pain. Twenty weeks is the average recommended time to start using one.


Maternity belly bands are designed for temporary wear to alleviate abdominal and back discomfort during and after pregnancy. Pregnancy or maternity belts should be worn for short periods—typically around 2 to 3 hours at a time—so as not to substitute the function of your core muscles. Their purpose is to reinforce and support these muscles. Many women find that the optimal times to wear one are during exercise or other physical activities.


Postpartum Support Belts vs. Postpartum Recovery Garments

Pregnancy support belts, or rather, postpartum support belts, can be worn after childbirth to provide support to the abdominal muscles during the healing process. Whether you've had a vaginal delivery or a C-section, many women need to strengthen their abdominal muscles in the postpartum period, and a support belt can make this time more comfortable. A postpartum recovery garment serves a similar purpose but often achieves it by gently compressing and supporting the abdomen, back, and thighs.




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